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    Young Planners' Forum
    Envisage the recognition of planning profession
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    Since 2004
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Welcome to Young Planners' Forum Official Website


The Institute of Town Planners’ Sri Lanka (ITPSL) established the young planners’ forum of Sri Lanka (YPF) in 2004, which is the unique affiliated body of the institute that provide professional guidance to the upcoming planning graduates and young planners who are the future strength of national planning development.



About Us

The Objective

The distinctive objective of Young Planners’ Forum is to enhance the recognition of the planning profession as a multi-disciplinary profession in creating environmentally sustainable places in our mother land.

  • Arrange social & information sessions & activities.
  • Support young planners at district & provincial levels.
  • Promote the role of younger planners within the planning profession.
  • Foster links between university, ITPSL & other planning related institutions.
  • Promote associate & student membership of ITPSL.
  • Promote ITPSL for professional development.
  • Represent young planners on ITPSL activities in verity of occasions.
  • Promote interaction between young planners, between student & associate planners.


    Role of the Town Planner

    Town planner plays a vital role for any countries development. Town planner is the one who plan, design and regulates the development of a country by managing the space. Currently Sri Lanka is in a rapid development process where the planners has to play a vital role. The planning input is necessary required to avoid haphazard development. Planning provides framework to protect the environment while getting optimal utilization of it. Planner has to identify the potentials of the country to gain economic benefits, there for the role of a planner is widen into many horizons which form is generating the wealth through environmental management while giving optimal satisfaction to the society.


    Message From the Chairman

    It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to Young Planners’ Forum Official Website. YPF is the platform for every youngster who is newly entered to the profession of Town and Country Planning. Since website has plenty of information about YPF, I do not need to elaborate our tasks further.
    It is a great honor to hold the chairmanship of professional organization which consists of multi-talented young professionals who committed their valuable service on fulfillment of people’s dream. Young Planners are always dedicated their life to make safer, livable and pleasant environments for people to live in.
    Therefore I would like to all our website visitors to join us by sending your suggestions and comments to make unique and positive change in Urban & Rural Planning culture in Sri Lanka.


    Lasantha S Bandara
    Chairman - Young Planners' Forum of Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka



    Message From the Convener

    It is a great honour for having elected as the conveanior of the YPF for this year. Young Planners Forum plays a leading role in developing the planning profession as well as YPF works closely with ITPSL and other key stakeholders. 

    YPF continue to work with our partners and members to advocate for good planning and to assist the profession and I look forward to leading the association in this important work.

    To all my young planners, you need to promote the community awareness of the contribution of town planning and make sure to promote and safegauard development and the environment in Sri Lanka.


    Dinesh Maduranga
    Convener - Young Planners' Forum of Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka



    Committe Members

    Elected Chairman - Mr Savinda Senarathna

    Ms Thushara Weerakoon

    Ms Surangi Madushani

    Mr Namal Anuradha

    Ms Sakuni Jayakodi

    Mr Malith Senevirathne

    Ms Madusha Thennakoon

    Mr Nipuna Lansakkara

    Ms Harshani Wijewardana



    Past Presidents                       Past Conveners


    Mr Chameera De Silva                                                        Mr Pathum Gunasekara   



    Mr Dilan Manawadu                                                            Mr Aruna Bandara


    Mr M.C.K. De Silva                                                               Mr M.P.N.D. Dias        


    Mr Kanishka Guluwita                                                         Ms Shalini Mariyathas  


    Mr Rashindu Dabrera                                                         Mr Chathura Gunawardana


    Mr Hasitha Lewke Bandara                                                 Mr Chathura Gunawardana


    YPF Committee

    Committee 2010/2011

    Ms P. Pathirana
    Mr S.A.D.D.P. Dissanayake
    Mr C.P. Bopege
    Mr S.P. Waragammana
    Mr D.S.B. Jayathilake
    Mr I.A.S. Diyanwala
    Mr D.C. Deshipriya
    Mr J.A.R. Chamara

    Committee 2011/2012

    Mr A.K.T.D. Abhayajeewa
    Ms P.I. Singhapathirana
    Mr C.J. Paliskara
    Mr N. Karunarathna
    Mr R. Udayakumara
    Mr P.A.V. Kumara
    Mr W. Gnanatheepan
    Mr H.R.L. Bandara

    Committee 2013/2014

    Ms H.P.C.P. Hewawasam
    Mr R.M.P.N.S. Bandara
    Mr W.M.T.U. Weerakoon
    Mr W.M.I.S. Senarathna
    Mr T. Jezan
    Mr B.A.D. Rathnajith
    Mr K.M.D.N. Bandara

    Committee 2014/2015

    Mr Niroshan Sanjaya
    Mr Duminda Bandara
    Mr Savinda Senarathna
    Mr Susantha Udaya Kumara
    Ms Chamali Liyanage
    Ms Sonali Herath
    Mr Malith Senevirathne
    Mr B Sayanthan


    Membership categories


    Continuation of the membership
    Upon admission to any category, the member shall continue his/ her membership annually by payment of relevant membership fee before 15th March every year.

    Student Membership
    Any candidate for admission to the grade of Student Member shall, May or may not already possess a qualification in a discipline of Physical Planning is currently registered to follow a study program leading to a qualification in the field of Town Planning being conducted by an academic by the institute accredited by the institute.

    Associate Membership

    Continuation of the membership

    Any candidate for admission to the grade of Student Member shall, May or may not already possess a qualification in a discipline of Physical Planning is currently registered to follow a study program leading to a qualification in the field of Town Planning being conducted by an academic by the institute accredited by the institute.

    Any candidate for admission to the grade of Associate Member shall, Have passed the PART II Examination of the ITPSL,
    Hold a Postgraduate Degree of not less than two academic years in the field of Physical Planning,
    Hold a Postgraduate Degree or Postgraduate Diploma of not less than one academic year in the field of Physical Planning,
    Minimum of one year experience in the field of Physical Planning after the qualification,
    Any candidate for admission to the grade of Associate Member shall,
    Hold a Bachelors Degree of not less than four academic years in the field of Physical Planning from a recognized University.

    Any applicant possessing foreign University qualification in the field of Physical Planning as mentioned, in addition to the academic requirements, shall sit for an examination in Planning Legislation and Procedure in Sri Lanka conducted by the ITPSL.

    Corporate Membership (Chartered Town Planner level)
    Any candidate for admission to the grade of Corporation Member shall, Passed the PART III of the Eligibility for Membership examination, annually conducted by the institute.
    Have obtained the Associate Membership of the institute by the date of the application.
    Have Planning related work experience for three years after obtaining the Associate Membership.

    Fellow Membership
    Any candidate for admission to the grade of Fellow Member shall, Has been a Corporate Member of the ITPSL for a continuous period of not less than 7 years. Has been engaged for a period of not less than 7 years in the practice of Physical Planning in a position of responsibility and made a contribution, acceptable to the council.

    News Updates

    • Be the Change, Envisioning a Better Tomorrow
      YPF Video Documentary Contest


    • SLSTL Best Award for a TCP Young Planner
      Co - Authors: H.M.M. Sonali D. Herath / Plnr. Chathura De Silva


    • Young Planners Online
      Following the AGM of the ITPSL, the YPF launched the Website.


    • Sustainable Cities and Communities
      Lecture and Discussion by Raf Tuts - Coordinator, Urban Planning and Design Branch of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) Nairobi, Kenya.


    • Smarter Urban and Transportation Planning
      LIRNEasia has conducted a research on possible application of pseudonymized and historical mobile meta data to answer urban and transportation related issues in Sri Lanka.


    • Young Planners' Forum Contact Profile
      The Young Planners’ Forum (YPF) of institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka would like to hear from you about your success. Please follow the link and join our Contact Profile. Visit Contact Profile Here


    • Scholarship Programme
      The Young Planners’ Forum (YPF) is pleased to announce that a number of scholarships can be provided for students entering and/or enrolled in our undergraduate degree course of the University of Moratuwa.


    • Internship Raising Programme
      Internship raising programme was initiated by YPF with the purpose of sharpenning the young planners' professional pathway.Programme was aimed to find wider internship opportunities in all relevant sectors.


    • Planning Challenges
      Urban and regional planning has shifted its focus from providing public goods to finding sites for capital investment. Professor Nihal Perera voiced certain selected issues and how planners might be able to respond to these.



    Be the Change, Envisioning a Better Tomorrow - Video Documentary Contest
    The YPF organizes a Video Documentary Contest under the theme “Be the Change, Envisioning a Better Tomorrow” to inspire the young generation of the country to change themselves to work on a good will which would ultimately benefit the whole society for a better situation.
    The event organized by the YPF expects from the participants to perform such a good will as a solution for the issues or problems that are experienced in daily life and record the action in a form of a video and prepare a documentary which can be demonstrated to the society as an exemplary model.
    E.g.A situation which is experienced in day to day life such as traffic rules violations, inappropriate garbage disposal, while crossing road or on the road, misbehaviors at public places/ transport, lack of humanity. These are examples only. Competitors are expected to be innovative and creative with ideas and outcomes.
    The video contest is open for any volunteer groups as well as for the National Schools who receives clear eligibility by completing the application form correctly and submits in time. The application form will be published via post services and electronic media from onwards and the prize giving ceremony will be organized following the World Town planning Day on 8th November 2016.
    Please vist here for the documents

    SLSTL Award for the Best Student Research
    Ms. H.M.M. Sonali D. Herath wins the award for the best Student Research.
    The award was presented at the R4TLI 2016 Conference on Research for Transport and Logistics Industry, organized by Sri Lanka Society for Transport and Logistics on 3rd & 4th June 2016.
    Research Title: An Application of Agent-based Modelling to Explore the Complexity of Public Recreational Places
    Case study: Weras Ganga Public Park, Sri Lanka
    Co - Authors: Ms. H.M.M. Sonali D. Herath / Plnr. Chathura De Silva

    World Town Planning Day Celebrations 2010 - Eco 2 Cities of Tomorrow
    YPF has organized “the Eco 2 cities for tomorrow” seminar with the intention of obtaining recognition for planners in making the vision of Wonder of Asia a success, foster & bridge the gap between the planning graduates, society & the industry & promote planning profession in the private sector & create new opportunities.

    Discussion on the Colombo Port City Project – Facts and Fallacies 2015

    The Colombo Port City project will be the single biggest private sector development in the history of Sri Lanka. The project development was in question over several months and was suspended for a certain period.

    Since the development of the Colombo Port City is highly relevant for the economy of Sri Lanka and since the development process of the Port City is important for the planning undergraduates and the planning graduates, Young Planners’ Forum organized a special discussion to make the planners aware of the facts and fallacies of the ongoing Port City development.
    The discussion was carried out successfully with the participation of Professor Wille Mendis, Professor Samantha Hettiarachchi, Professor Amal Kumarage, Mr. Nayana Mawilmada, Eng. Janaka Kurukulsooriya, Mr. Jagath Gunawardhana, Dr. Jagath Munasinghe, Plnr. Indu Weerasoori and other distinguished professionals. All the participants raise their comments, views with a great enthusiasm and all of them said, they spent an informative and advantageous time during the discussion.

    Importance of Service Minute – Discussion on Town Planning Service Minute Approval 2014

    The profession of town planning has been established in Sri Lanka as a separate profession similar to architecture and engineering. Although the academic and professional qualification structure of a Town Planner is similar to those of architects and engineers, town planners are not employed under the terms of a service minute as architects and engineers.

    This has proven to be detrimental to town planners in terms of salary structures and choice of getting transfers. This also created barriers to the professional development among the town planning profession and members. This was happened due to their present status of employment. Because, they are belongs their recruited agency due to lack of a service minute.
    Having understanding of this importance the Young Planners’ Forum established a platform to bring this topic to the discussion and meantime to clear out the hindrances which deprives the service minute from being approved. A distinguished committee was appointed in order to collect the necessary information and proceed the process.
    The president of the Institute of Town Planners’ Sri Lanka, Professor P.K.S. Mahanama explained the current situation of the Town Planning Service Minute and Director National Physical Planning Department Planner Veranjan Kurukulasuriya further explained the importance of the service minute to the profession.        

    YPF Contact Profile
    The Young Planners’ Forum (YPF) of institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka would like to hear from you about your success. Being a graduate from the Department of Town and Country Planning (TCP), University of Moratuwa, we know that you are established in multi disciplines and positions. It’s time we share some information and get to know well and truly where our TCP graduates are at. The following link will direct you to the contact profile which you can answer and let us know where you are.
    Let’s get the ice broken.
    Contact Profile Link

    Contact Us



    Young Planners' Forum of Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka
    CHPB Building
    No.33, Parliament Road, Pelawatta, Battaramulla
    Sri Lanka.
    +94 11 27 86 737

    Lasantha Sameera - lsb.tcp@gmail.com
    Dinesh Maduranga - dineshmaduranga97@yahoo.com
    Isanka Savinda - sen@gtc.lk
    Surangi Madushani - madushanigms123@gmail.com
    Thushara Weerakoon - thushara.weerakoon740@gmail.com
    Namal Anurada - namala670@gmail.com
    Sakuni jayakodi - jayakodisakuni@gmail.com
    Malith Senevirathne - swmpsenevirathne@gmail.com
    Madu thennakoon - madu368@gmail.com
    Nipuna Lansakara - nipunanh@gmail.com
    Harshani Wijewardhana - wijewardhana.iah@gmail.com
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